2017DBS Eminent Card “The One and The Only”
2016FTLife “Your Future Our Promise”
Café de Coral “Happiness First”
2015csl. “Hit the Big Time on a Big Network!”
2012Ageas Insurance Company (Asia) Limited “Ageas Insurance Smart Financial Tips”
2010Ageas Insurance Company (Asia) Limited “Smart Financial Tips”
2009Ageas Insurance Company (Asia) Limited “Smart Financial Tips”
Guangzhou Drama Channel
2005 – 2006Vita Green “Vita Hair”
2004“Dong Tian Lake Garden” Property Advertising (Changping, Dongguan)
2002“Live and Let Live”
2000Housing Society Community “HS Heroic Stories” “Writers’ Beloved Books”
One-minute MPF
1999Manulife MPF
Hong Kong Telecommunications – 0060
Chevalier (Telepoint) Ltd “CT2”
1993Chevalier (Telepoint) Ltd “CT2”