2021HSBC EveryMile Credit Card
2017DBS Eminent Card “The One and The Only”
2016FTLife “Your Future Our Promise”
Café de Coral “Happiness First”
2015csl. “Hit the Big Time on a Big Network!”
2012Ageas Insurance Company (Asia) Limited “Ageas Insurance Smart Financial Tips”
2010Ageas Insurance Company (Asia) Limited “Smart Financial Tips”
2009Ageas Insurance Company (Asia) Limited “Smart Financial Tips”
Guangzhou Drama Channel
2005 – 2006Vita Green “Vita Hair”
2004“Dong Tian Lake Garden” Property Advertising (Changping, Dongguan)
2002“Live and Let Live”
2000Housing Society Community “HS Heroic Stories” “Writers’ Beloved Books”
One-minute MPF
1999Manulife MPF
Hong Kong Telecommunications – 0060
Chevalier (Telepoint) Ltd “CT2”
1993Chevalier (Telepoint) Ltd “CT2”


2022Commercial Radio Hong Kong口水多過浪花Guest
2018Commercial Radio Hong Kong口水多過浪花Guest
2017Commercial Radio Hong Kong有誰共鳴Guest
2016Meme Hong Kong蕭遙遊Guest
2013Commercial Radio Hong Kong大玩派Guest
Commercial Radio Hong Kong口水多過浪花Guest
2011Commercial Radio Hong Kong口水多過浪花Guest
2010Fairchild Radio小心華之里Guest
Radio Television Hong Kong耆力量Guest
2009Commercial Radio Hong Kong光明頂Guest
Radio Television Hong Kong旅遊樂園Guest
Radio Television Hong Kong打開天窗甘國亮Guest
2008Guangzhou Broadcasting城市之聲Guest
Commercial Radio Hong Kong巴巴閉邊個夠我查篤撐Guest
Commercial Radio Hong Kong成班嘩鬼嘈喧巴巴閉Guest
Commercial Radio Hong Kong巴巴閉邊個夠我查篤撐Guest
Commercial Radio Hong Kong嘩嘩嘩!打到嚟!2008Guest
Commercial Radio Hong Kong巴巴閉邊個夠我查篤撐Guest
2006Fairchild Radio小心華之里Guest
Commercial Radio Hong Kong她他她!打到嚟!Guest
2005Radio Television Hong Kong娛樂滿天星Guest
2004Radio Television Hong Kong娛樂滿天星Guest
2003Commercial Radio Hong Kong嘩嘩嘩!打到嚟!Guest
Commercial Radio Hong Kong茶煲裏的查篤撐Guest
2000Commercial Radio Hong Kong戀上你的床Guest
Commercial Radio Hong Kong發式早餐Guest
Radio Television Hong Kong海琪的天空Guest
Commercial Radio Hong Kong你唔好去死Guest
1998Commercial Radio Hong Kong無字頭七八九Host
1994Metro Broadcast黃子華陪你等Host
Metro Broadcast香蕉俱樂部Host
1990Commercial Radio Hong Kong口花花公子之旁觀者清Host
Commercial Radio Hong Kong口花花公子俱樂部Host
1988Commercial Radio Hong Kong咪前七先鋒Host


2017Ronald Cheng Play It Again World Tour Concert – Hong KongSpecial Guest
2016Sammi Cheng Touch Mi 2 World Tour Concert – Hong KongSpecial Guest
2005Andy Hui First Round ConcertSpecial Guest